New Wilwood Performance Brakes News

Demo Parts Arrive a Week Ahead of Regular Shipments

We are upgrading the Mk4 Roadster to use the new Wilwood performance brakes (below).
These parts will all be on display at our open house.

Click here to view the Wilwood brake packages on the Factory Five Parts Catalog.

We’re excited about our new Wilwood brakes that we launched recently and showed at the AHA-Pomona Show and the Huntington Beach Show. The upgraded brakes are now on our parts catalog and yesterday, we received our demo parts that are being installed on our Mk4 Roadster and suspension demos in the showroom.

These demo parts will be on display in the Factory Five showroom. All orders received will be shipping next week.

The suspension demos in the showroom are being updated with the new Wilwood brakes (stock GT brakes shown).

Jim Schenck (Director of R&D) and Jesper Ingerslev (Director of Engineering) check out the new brakes.