Powerblock to Showcase the Factory Five Roadster

MuscleCar Build of a Mk4 Roadster Coming Soon

Courtney Hansen from Spike TV’s “Powerblock” welcomes Factory Five Racing president Dave Smith back to Powerblock this weekend along with one of his incredible Mk4 Roadsters.

They only made 300 of the original cars, so they’re hard to find and just about out of reach for most of us, with auction prices ranging from half a million dollars and up! But with a Factory Five replica, you can build one in your garage while spending a lot less money and getting all the modern performance, handling and safety our modern technology brings to the table.

Dave will announce a MuscleCar build coming up later with one of his Mk4 Roadsters and Powerblock will take the MuscleCar-built car to the track and do a side by side shootout with an original. Watch Powerblock August 13 & 14.