SEMA Preview Day #5 of 7

SEMA preview #5 is also a bit of a head fake… In the past year and a half, we have made a significant investment into our Hot Rod line. We recently launched our Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck which uses a shared platform/chassis with our race-proven ’33 Hot Rod. Recently, Factory Five Racing purchased all interests and assets of Rat’s Glass Bodies. Buying Rat’s Glass is part of a strategy to offer more Hot Rod versions in the coming months and years.

Factory Five Buys Rat’s Glass Bodies!

I spent some time with George in his shop going through years of photos, trophies, and personal notes. It is an honor to add his cars to the Factory Five line-up.

I got to know George Long, a.k.a. Rat, as he was getting ready to retire, and was interested in selling his company after almost 40 years in the business. Originally, George developed his composite hot rod bodies with his childhood friend Bobby Alloway. Alloway stayed with the chassis and Rat provided the bodies. Rat’s designs have earned two Riddler Awards and a lifetime of industry accolades. A month ago, Factory Five Racing bought all of the molds, tools, intellectual property, and miscellaneous parts from George. Everything was moved from Friendsville, TN up to Wareham, MA in three massive semi-trucks.

At this time, we do not have a definite plan for launching any of George’s ten vehicle bodies, but will be working on this in the coming months. I personally love the Speedstar coupe model, and would love to see that mounted to a proper Factory Five performance chassis. Rat’s Glass bodies include among many designs ’32 roadster, 3-window and 5-window coupes, Speedstar roadsters and coupes, a 4-passenger versions, Vicky, and Phaeton. You can go to Rat’s Glass Bodies to see all of his models. In the months ahead, we may be able to supply new parts to existing Rat’s customers.

Rat’s Glass Bodies and Alloway Chassis have received a tremendous amount of recognition in the industry.

The Speedstar is raked, chopped, and pure hot rod DNA… and now it is part of the Factory Five family.

We just finished filming with RTM’s “PowerNation” to announce the additions of Rat’s Glass Bodies to Factory Five’s line-up. Product will be available in 2019.

Dave Smith