Technology Behind the New 818

SolidWorks’ “Let’s Go Design” and More

I can’t help but crow about the technology behind the development of the 818. A lot of people brag about CAD stuff, but thanks to our very special relationship with Jeremy and the guys at SolidWorks, we have access to software and applications that no company our size has access to.

Check out this video of SolidWork’ “Let’s Go Design” Episode 5 to get an idea of how capable the software we use to design our cars truly is.

The 818 is benefitting tremendously from this relationship and with this car, I am pushing everyone here VERY hard to apply the latest technologies to accomplish the very ambitious goals of this car, both from a cost stand point and a “next level” engineering and quality level.

If you missed the initial episode of SolidWorks’ “Let’s Go
Design” on the Hot Rod Baby Buggy, check out this video.