Update: Factory Five Hours Thru Snow Storm

We are up and running through the storm.  However, we will be shutting down at 2 PM today to allow our crew to get home through the inevitable traffic and heavy snow.  Here are some photos from the day.

Also important is that we are running out of places to put snow (thank Gd for the front-end loader), so since we cannot park many cars and since snow and ice will likely be coating the parking lot by this weekend, we will be cancelling our Winter Open House, a.k.a. Moochfest.

This is a parking lot of a company that is ready to move snow.

Hot Rod Power Tour sure seems like a long way away.

Derek F. in welding works on a Type 65 Coupe while the storm rages.

Cody and Ryan in molding lay down some Hot Rod trunk panels.

Nate and Aaron review the production schedule while the snow flies.

The warm weather will be here soon enough, and even though it’s snowing outside, our project work is running at full throttle inside.  Here is our next demo car (Coyote-powered Mk4) going together.

Nate Johnson is building another Hot Rod (his first Hot Rod he built for his Dad!), and he is running LS-power.

The 818C is going together.  Mechanicals separate from body work in the molding bay.

The 818 hard top is nearing completion.  This is an older photo.  The 818C will be unveiled at our summer open house.


The crew is working hard despite the weather.  The only good thing about weather like this is it makes it easy to stay inside, turn up the heat, and build cars.

Dave Smith