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The Factory Five XTF Extreme Truck is a
"Build-It-Yourself" Raptor on Steroids!

Introducing the Factory Five XTF Extreme Truck kit! Take your 2015-2020 Ford F-150 and turn it into an off-road beast with our full tubular chassis, long travel suspension and 90” super wide complete body package! This new kit is the ULTIMATE upgrade for your F-150 Truck! Start your build today, and receive special Founders Edition add-ons like a carbon fiber panel and special badging.

In 1995 Factory Five introduced the world to an all-new concept, that of the single donor Mustang-based Cobra replica. That first car changed everything in the replica world! Now almost 30 years later, we are pioneering another revolutionary concept... a build-it-yourself extreme truck.



The idea is as exciting as it is simple! We have put our chassis engineering skills to work to design a super strong off-road capable, street-legal, tubular steel frame that replaces the Ford F-150 ladder frame. Attached to that chassis is our own custom long-travel suspension. We keep the awesome F-150 aluminum cab, but give you an all-new front suspension, tubular control arms, hood, fenders, rear quarter panels, rear 4-link suspension with tubular control arms, remote reservoir Fox shocks, aluminum truck bed, tailgate, and bumpers.


The XTF performance envelope exceeds even the most extreme Raptor-R, and is both streetable and off-road capable! Let’s take a look at what you get and what you need to build this monster.

The Chassis

XTF Tubular Steel Rock Star Chassis

The Factory Five XTF is not simply a modified F-150 with fender flares and a lift kit. We began building this pre-runner style truck with an all-new chassis! It seems every modified truck out there is a mix of custom parts, suspension add-ons, body kits and nothing truly integrated. We put our 30 years of chassis engineering experience to work in building this ultra-strong 800 lbs., massive 17’ long foundation for our extreme truck. The XTF chassis was designed and tested using the latest generation SolidWorks CAD software. It is built to take the extreme punishment of off-road use while remaining fully streetable.

The XTF chassis completely replaces the stock Ford F150 ladder frame.  Our tubular chassis was designed using SolidWorks software.  It is delivered with a weather-resistant powdercoating standard.  Each frame has a serial number (the F-150 VIN is maintained).  It weighs 100 lbs. more than the stock Ford chassis, and yet it is almost twice as strong!  Just as important as strength, the new chassis allows for greater suspension travel and off-road capability than any OEM extreme truck.

Composite Body

The stunning performance of our XTF chassis and suspension is matched by the outrageous looks and stance of the vehicle exterior. Customers who have seen the truck up close and personal have commented, “It looks like a Ford Raptor on steroids... with rabies!”

The Factory Five XTF is a massive 90” wide at the front and rear fenders. That is 3.5” wider than an H1 Hummer (!), and 3” wider than the mighty 2023 Ford Raptor R! The custom hood, front end, and rear end are as aggressive as they are functional with vents, fog lights, skid plate, and standard carbon fiber fascia (headlight and grill surround), functional rear tail gate, and steel off-road rear bumper.

Standard composite panels are hand laid vinylester resin, and come in black gel-coat. Optional carbon fiber panels that require little to no bodywork and don’t need paint are available.

We've been building cars that turn people's heads for almost 30 years, and the XTF continues that tradition of outrageous style vehicles that turn every gas station stop into a 30 minute car show.


XTF Long Travel Front & Rear Suspension

The Factory Five XTF comes with an all-new off-road racing/long travel suspension that was developed and tested at the Fox Shocks Off-Road Proving Grounds in southern California.  This design is off-road capable, but still totally streetable using poly-bushing suspension ends.

The front suspension comes with super strong tubular upper and lower control arms, high-performance remote reservoir dual-adjustable Fox shocks, and standard front sway bar. The front suspension travel with CV axles and 4WD is a massive 16”.

The XTF rear suspension ditches the F-150 leaf spring suspension completely, and heavy-duty 5/16” plate steel axle support bolts to the Ford solid axle. Complete rear suspension includes massive lower control arms the size of your leg as part of an integrated 4-link suspension. High-performance remote reservoir dual-adjustable Fox shocks deliver Baja-class 20" of rear suspension travel in a complete bolt-on suspension upgrade!

What You Need

What You Need to Build

Your XTF Extreme Truck

F-150 Truck: 2015-2020

To build a Factory Five XTF Extreme Truck, you need to start with a 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Truck.  We use the cab and running gear to build the ultimate F-150! What you need includes:

  1. Ford F-150 Truck: 2015-2020
  2. Our XTF kit at $24,990
  3. Wheels/Tires
  4. Paint (unless carbon body panels are ordered clear coated paint free)
  1. Ford F150 Cab. Assembly unbolted from factory Ford ladder frame
  2. Ford engine/transmission/rear end with transfer case, and front differential
  3. Wiring harness - Complete truck
  4. Front and rear brakes. Front spindles & brakes, brake lines, rear tail lights, and ABS module
  5. Steering rack, radiator, A/C with hoses and lines, fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel door, filler neck & canister

Click here for itemized list of donor F150 parts.

  1. Factory Five extreme tube steel chassis
  2. Complete off-road ready front & rear control arm and coil-over suspension
  3. Ultra-wide body composite panels includes entire front & rear of truck
  4. Laser-cut aluminum truck bed, front & rear bumpers, tailgate, and upgraded headlights
  5. All fasteners, adapters, & trim parts to complete the conversion

Click here for itemized kit packlist.

More Details

More Specifics & Options

There are some things you need to have on your F-150. Our chassis was designed to use the 4-door Super Crew Cab only. The F-150 bed needs to be the standard 5-½’ bed. The fuel tank is used and moved to allow longer suspension travel so your F-150 needs to have the standard 26 gallon fuel tank, not the larger optional 36 gallon fuel tank.

You can use F-150 trucks powered by either the twin turbo 6 EcoBoost engine or the 5.0L Coyote engine. F-150 trucks have either the super 8.8” rear end or the larger 9.75” rear ends. Truck bed power port may be used, but requires drilling.

The XTF is designed to run 37” diameter tires. The tires on this truck are Toyo Open Country MT in size 37” x 12.50” x 20”. The wheels are Fuel Brand 20” x 10” front and rear.

Optional complete carbon fiber panel upgrade - Price $6,990, Available October 2023.

Optional rear sway bars - Price $399.

Optional spare tire mount - Price $199.

Optional tow package includes hitch, panhard bar, and axle limiting straps - Price $699.

Optional race cage for F-150 cab - Price TBD.

Optional off-road/race box section lower control arms - Price TBD.


Displacement: 5.0L V8 or 3.5L Twin Turbo V6
Induction: Multi-Port Fuel Injection
Drivetrain/Suspension: Automatic Transmission with Transfer Case
Front Suspension Type: Inboard Independent Double Arm
Rear Suspension Type: Solid Rear 4-Link
Shock-Springs: Fox Coil Over
Steering: OEM Ford Specs
Brakes: OEM Ford Specs

Construction Layout
  • Layout: Front Engine 4WD
  • Frame: Tubular Space Frame
  • Weight: 5,500 lbs. Est.
  • Weight Distribution F/R: 55.5/44.5 (Percent)
  • Wheelbase: 145 in.
  • Overall Length: 234 in.
  • Front Track: 77.5 in.
  • Rear Track: 78 in.
  • Overall Height: 77 in. (depending on ride height)
  • Overall Width: 90.0 in.
  • Ground Clearance: Adjustable 10 - 14 in.
  • Fuel Capacity: 26 Gallons
  • Tow Capacity (with 70590 - Trailer Hitch Option) - 5,000 lbs.

Photo Galleries

XTF Photo Galleries

Check out some of the photo galleries below. The chassis and studio truck shots were done by our friend Dino Petrocelli.

Features, Benefits, & Cool Stuff

Five Factory Five Firsts!

The Factory Five XTF has a number of features that no other Factory Five package to date has.  1. It is the first Factory Five with a true OEM interior.  2. It is also the first Factory Five to accommodate five passengers!  3. As a modified F-150 truck, there are no kit car registration hurdles to clear.  4. Since it is still a Ford F-150, it can be financed.  5. Now you can tow your Factory Five in a trailer with your Factory Five!

The build, while large in scale, is actually a bit easier than building a car completely from scratch.

XTF Intro Video

XTF Intro with Kevin Byrd, Co-Host of Two Guys Garage

About 10 years ago, Kevin Byrd visited Factory Five along with the crew from "Two Guys Garage." Since a lot has changed, we invited Kevin back to check out our new facilities, new tools, and also, the cool new XTF truck kit. Kevin was amazed at the street manners of the off-road capable XTF. Check out the video. We also have two customer build vlogs featured on our YouTube Channel.

Factory Five XTF Truck Off-Road Fun

The crew took our XTF Trucks off-road for some local fun. Team members Nate and Colby took turns testing the trucks.


"Verdict: What the Raptor wants to be when it grows up."

Car and Driver, November 2023

"Just got done with my first drive in this thing. Incredible! Only street driving, but handling
and tracking was amazing."

 Kevin Byrd, Two Guys Garage

"Bored with all the factory-built Baja trucks out there like the Raptors and TRXs and ZR2s? Well, you're in luck, because Factory Five Racing just cooked up a new kit that'll turn a 2015 to 2020 Ford F-150s into something more akin to a trophy truck than a Raptor."

Ezra Dyer, Car and Driver