Carl's Delivers Huge! Again.

How many times do you find yourself saying that you LOVE your body shop?  Truth is, most body shops do a good job, but they typically take longer than they say.  In 20 years of working with paint shops, I know of only a handful of truly great painters who consistently deliver more than you expect and more than they promise.

Carl’s Collision Center is an authorized Sherwin Williams paint shop, and does ALL Factory Five paint jobs.  Recently, Carl’s completed updated panels for our 818R race car and 818S model.  The guys had just finished painting our black 818C Coupe for SEMA, and since the new nose is in production and standard on all 818 models, Carl’s helped us to update our other two 818s to the new nose.

Jon Dean in R&D mounts the new nose to the 818R race car.

The 818C fresh from the 2015 SEMA Show is in our showroom with the new nose.

Big thanks to Carl’s for his great work, and in the Factory Five Hall of Fame of Painters with guys like Jeff Miller, Carl’s has good company.