Sneak Peek: Factory Five 25th Anniversary Mk4 Roadster!

We’ve been working hard on plans to celebrate our 25th Anniversary next year. One of the most important part of this celebration is our 25th Anniversary Mk4 Roadster. Customers have been asking about the pending 25th Anniversary Special Edition Mk4 Roadster as we did 15 and 20 year models (that each sold out in days).

Here is the first look of our 25th Anniversary Mk4 prototype #000, and a list of all the special parts included in this limited edition Mk4. Some of these parts are unique to this car only, and others are high-end upgrade options that come standard with this car. Production is limited to 25 cars, and the first one was delivered to the Ohio Cobra Club for next year’s 2020 auction car to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Click here to view a photo gallery of our 25th Anniversary Mk4.

SOLD OUT! Here is what comes with each 25th Anniversary car:

Exclusive bronze metallic powder-coated frame
Each Special Edition 25th Anniversary Mk4 gets special custom bronze powder-coating of the chassis which is exclusive to these anniversary cars and will not be sold separately. (Value: $1,200)

Custom powder-coated satin black aluminum footboxes & wheel wells
The standard aluminum panels which make up the footboxes and wheel wells of this car have been powder-coated black (Value: $400). These black panels are visible when you lift the hood, and add a nice compliment to the bronze chassis and special edition black Wilwood brakes.

The 25th Anniversary model rolling chassis was on display at NSRA Nationals 2019.

25th Anniversary Badging and Logos
Each of the 25 Special Edition cars come with exclusive branding which includes 25th Anniversary side badges, steering wheel boss, embroidered leather seat backs, and serialized GPS gauges.

Exclusive steering wheel center section badge and side badging

Each gauge set is numbered and identified as a 25th Anniversary car.

Seats are beautiful with diamond stitching and bronze thread. Also, the seat backs have the 25th Anniversary logos embroidered in subtle black thread.

Independent Rear Suspension standard with high-end KONI 2812 double-adjustable shocks and sway bars front/rear

Our best-selling and best-performing independent rear suspension is standard on this Special Edition Factory Five Mk4 (Value: $2,499). We wanted the anniversary cars to out-handle anything on the road, so we’ve included KONI’s high-end double-adjustable aluminum body shocks, and front and rear sway bars.  The shocks are manufactured in silver aluminum with a threaded body and custom coil-over kit (KONI’s value: $1,799, Sway bars value is $480).

Custom logo Wilwood performance brakes front and rear

The top shelf cross-drilled and slotted Wilwood performance brakes come custom powder-coated in black with silver Anniversary branding. These Wilwoods are huge 13″ brakes all around and come with a cool 6-piston front caliper and dual piston rear caliper with a separate emergency brake caliper. (Value: $3,130)


All-new Bronze 18″ Ten Spoke Sunburst Style Wheels

Our brand-new 18″ bronze wheels match our chassis closely, and resemble vintage 427 Cobra Sunburst style wheels, but provide modern handling and tire selection. These new rims are forged, 2-piece wheels with five large spokes and five smaller spokes. They come in 18″ x 9″ in the front and a massive 18″ x 11″ in the rear. (Value: $2,499)

Note: For those who prefer a more traditional Halibrand wheel on your Anniversary car, you can substitute  any set of 17″ or 18″ Halibrands.


25th Anniversary Logo Gauges with GPS Speedometer

We developed this custom gauge set with our partners at Speedhut to incorporate individually serial numbered gauges with 25th Anniversary 1995-2020 graphic.  These Vintage Gauges incorporate GPS Speedometer. (Value: $750)

Premium interior includes exclusive carbon fiber dash with glovebox, leather seats with custom stitching and logo, custom upholstered door panels, and 25th Anniversary steering wheel boss (Value: $1,433)

The high-end custom interior includes an all-new carbon fiber dash with glovebox (Value: $399).

The leather seats were custom made by our partners at Cobra Seats, and incorporate cross hatch stitching and subtle embroidered black thread Anniversary logo on the seat back. (Value: $749)

The interior is finished off with custom diamond stitched and black door panels standard. (Value: $199)


Polished stainless steel and chrome bright work package

Each Anniversary car comes with a bright work package standard which includes polished stainless steel side exhaust, polished stainless steel bumpers front and rear (hoops and overriders), driver’s side chrome roll bar with chrome grommets, and assembled side louvers. (Value: $2,053)

High-end polished stainless steel side exhaust standard (Value: $899). Also standard are assembled side louvers (Value: $85).

Over-riders shown. 25th Anniversary Mk4 Roadsters comes with full front and rear hoops as well (not shown). (Value: $695)

Chrome roll bar standard (Value $299) with roll bar grommets (Value: $75)

Misc. Options

We wanted some consistency with these Anniversary cars, so we are including sun visors, wind wings (Value: $198), trunk gas strut kit (Value: $99), and body cut-outs (Value: $149).

Mk4 Roadster Body Revisions

We wanted the Anniversary cars to have the very best Mk4 body, so we built an all-new dedicated mold so that the parts would be brand-new and require less bodywork (Value: $1,800). We also made small changes to the Anniversary body. Here is a summary of the body changes:

License plate light raised for more space for the US standard size plate.

Rear taillight pad switched from dual round to singular rectangular on each side.

Front fenders enlarged slightly to allow for more tire clearance.

Rear fender side profile revised to move leading edge rearward and better visually center rear tire.

New Mk4 body showing new rectangular 427 taillights.

We are only making 25 of these cars and they are only available as complete kits.  These 25 Year Anniversary cars represent a significant milestone in the history of Factory Five Racing, and I’m excited about the package that we’ve put together.

The price of these 25th Anniversary cars is $34,930 which includes a $3,500 discount for Factory Five customers. The Anniversary models are available to Factory Five customers on a first come, first served basis with $18,440 of special anniversary edition parts and options added to the Factory Five Mk4 Roadster complete kit.

Dave Smith

25th Anniversary Specials Parts & Options List:

  • Bronze Chassis ($1,200 value)
  • Satin black powder-coated aluminum footbox panels ($400 value)
  • Special Edition Anniversary GPS Gauges ($750 value)
  • Full set of Special Edition Wilwood brakes ($3,130 value)
  • Exclusive new bronze Sunburst Style 18″ wheels ($2,499 value)
  • Special upholstered Anniversary leather seats with stitched logo ($749 value) and door panels (Value: $199)
  • Special edition side badges and steering wheel center section ($100 value)
  • Independent Rear Suspension standard with front and rear sway bars ($2,499 value and $480 value)
  • KONI double-adjustable shocks standard ($1,799 value)
  • Assembled side louvers ($85 value)
  • Chrome roll bar ($299 value)
  • Roll bar grommets ($75 value)
  • Stainless steel side exhaust ($899 value)
  • Stainless steel bumper set – front & rear hoops and overriders ($695 value)
  • All-new carbon fiber dash with glovebox ($399 value)
  • Sun visors and wind wings ($198 value)
  • Trunk gas strut kit ($99 value)
  • All-new Mk4 Roadster body mold with rectangular 427 tail lights and body cut-outs ($1,886 value)

Total value of Special Edition Anniversary parts & options: $18,440!

Factory Five Mk4 Roadster Complete Kit: $19,990

Factory Five Owner Discount: $3,500

25th Anniversary Special Edition Mk4 Roadster Kit Price: $34,930.


Here’s a video on our 20th Anniversary car. We will show off our 25th Anniversary car at this year’s SEMA Show in November. We would like to get Anniversary kits to customers are soon as possible so that we may have some finished cars for our official 25th Anniversary which begins in January 2020.

Deposits are non-transferable.
Deposit of $2,500 and are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.