Month: February 2011

Body Design Competition

Help Design the Next Factory Five with Grassroots Motorsports Concept drawing by Murray Pfaff at Body Design Competition Starts March 1st The base dimensions, running gear, and chassis/suspensions work has been determined.  The body shape of this two-seater, mid-engined roadster is not finalized and we have decided, in conjunction…Read More

The Next Factory Five Car

Factory Five Designs New Mid-Engine Sports Car Based on tough Subaru WRX running gear, Factory Five's next car has been in development for almost a year.  With a space frame designed and tested on SolidWorks software, this single donor car will sell for $9,900.  We will use our 15 years…Read More

Back to the Grind After Winter Open House

Photos from Around FFR The dust has settled after our big Winter Open House and the crew is getting back to work. It's fun seeing the parts start rolling in now for the Anniversary Cars and the Gen 2 Coupe as well. Here are some photos from production. Dave Smith…Read More

Five Factory Five Surprises

Winter Open House "Moochfest" News I am pleased to bring you news of some fun projects that we've been working on here at Factory Five. If you are attending the Moochfest, you will get a close-up look at some of this work. If not, here is a short summary of…Read More

2011 Winter Open House, "Moochfest," Report

Big Crowds Come to Wareham for Winter Open House Factory Five stalwarts John George and Rob Baker (driving) hardcore. My tech support manager Jason Lavigne said it best, "I think we need a bigger building." This year's Winter Open House, also known as Moochfest (more on that in a second),…Read More

Join the New Factory Five Forum

As part of a major effort to better connect with our customers, suppliers, and vendors, we have sponsored an all-new online discussion forum.  Many Factory Five customers are helping with this effort.  The new forum has updated blogs, photo galleries, and is a great place to connect with Factory Five…Read More

The Road Ahead for 2011

By David Smith, President Two years ago it seemed as though the world was going to end. The reports from the media predicted an economic depression akin to the 1930’s. Things here looked fairly grim back then as well, and it wasn’t just the economy. As 2009 dawned we were…Read More

15 Year Anniversary Special Edition Mk4 Sold Out

We are pleased to report that all of the Special Edition Mk4 cars have been sold.  Production begins shortly on these very special Factory Fives and I wanted to send along a personal thank you to the 14 customers who have purchased these cars. Dave Smith President Owner of Special…Read More