Month: October 2018

SEMA Preview Day #6 of 7

Truck Yeah! Five Fast Factory Five Trucks Last year at SEMA, we pulled the wraps off of our all-new '35 Hot Rod Truck that we had built on PowerNation's show "Engine Power." In only a year, we've shipped over 50 trucks, and are bringing four really fast builds to the…Read More

SEMA Preview Day #5 of 7

SEMA preview #5 is also a bit of a head fake... In the past year and a half, we have made a significant investment into our Hot Rod line. We recently launched our Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck which uses a shared platform/chassis with our race-proven '33 Hot Rod. Recently, Factory…Read More

SEMA Preview Day #4 of 7

SEMA preview #4 is a bit of a head fake here. We’ve been working on an all-new digital design process, and while the resulting new model will NOT be at the SEMA Show (since it is undergoing major revisions), I wanted to share the story of the development process. The…Read More

SEMA Preview Day #3 of 7

'35 Hot Rod Truck by Freddie in Battle of the Builders! Freddie Simmons, Jr. is a good friend and a master builder. Last Spring, Freddie picked up one of our new '35 Hot Rod Pick-Up Trucks with the idea of building a super custom truck to enter into the SEMA…Read More

SEMA Preview Day #2 of 7

As part of the biggest SEMA we've ever planned, we invited the Ohio Cobra Club to bring out their 2019 raffle car to join our outdoor display. Ohio Cobra Club 2019 Raffle Car at SEMA! Chris Relyea and his team from FormaCars built this beautiful silver and black Factory Five…Read More

SEMA Preview Day #1 of 7

As of this past Saturday, our trucks were loaded up, and heading out to next week's SEMA Show in Las Vegas! This year, we have some pretty big news to announce, and I am going to be giving you a sneak peek each day for seven days building up to…Read More

Solid Car Guys Wins 2018 Telly Award

Super proud Mad Dog and our partners at thestealthcrew for winning a 2018 Telly Award for their work on our TV series pilot "Solid Car Guys" which tells the story of the Hespeler family and their '33 Hot Rod build. You can watch the episode below. Dave Smith President Read More