Month: July 2012

The Keast Family Begin Their Mk4 Adventure

Earlier this month, James Keast came by Factory Five to pick-up his Mk4 Roadster complete kit with his father Dave and two of his kids, Justin and Allie. Like so many, it was a day James has been dreaming about for a long time and after some careful planning, he…Read More

Don P. Completes His Mk3 Roadster

Over on, Factory Five customer Don P. has announced the graduation of his Mk3 Roadster. The Victory Nuclear Sunset Tangerine and Mercedes Silver Roadster is powered by a brand new 2004 Mach 1 4.6L DOHC with stacked fuel injection from Very Cool Parts, a Tremec T-45 transmission and 4-link…Read More

Customer Dave P. Shares Mk4 Roadster Build Journal

"There is just something about a loud, vibrating, and rattling machine that can accelerate from 0-100-0 (per Car & Driver Mag) in less than 10 seconds," said Factory Five customer Dave P. Dave has been keeping everyone posted on his Mk4 Roadster build progress via his Facebook page.  Dave has made…Read More

Awesome 30 Minute Factory Five HB Cruise-In Video!

If you missed the 2012 Factory Five Huntington Beach Cruise-In, FFR video pro Greg Hoy put together this great video that's almost like you're there! 30 minutes packed full of cars, music, customer interviews, celebrities, and sponsors... The 2012 Huntington Beach Cruise-In was the best yet. Check out the video…Read More