More Footage from Hammink Performance at Circuit Zandvoort

You may recall a few weeks ago we posted about Hammink Performance testing their almost complete Factory Five Challenge Car at the Circuit Zandvoort.  We received a new e-mail from them reporting they have completed the car and returned to the track for a C-car Competition Presentation Day on July 1st.

The Challenge Car received great feedback from racers, mechanics, and race attendees. The Hammink crew also took some children for ride-along making for a fun weekend. Check out the video and full report below from Hammink.

“Just a short impression from the day. When I received the invitation I thought, no way am I going to drive 550 km up and 550 km back just for a team presentation. When I checked more close into what the C-car Competition really is, I started to change my mind. With pressure from daughter Sabine and her friend Geert, I decided to go and check out what the Hamminks are into this time , leaving at 5:00 pm from France, picked up Sabine and Geert around 9:00 in Amersfoort neighborhood (yes I drove too fast ) and arrived at Zandvoort racetrack between 10 and 10:30. At this time the weather wasn’t promising good stuff!! But all cleared up in the following hour, unbelievable so much people coming out to see their favorite racecar and team. I must say that Hammink impressed me once again with a warm welcome in Pit box 19, which was turned in to a serious hospitality unit!! The first thing they asked me, would you like to take a ride in our Factory Five Challenge Car with no one less than the well-known Dutch driver Edwin Molenaar ?? YESSS. Challenge car looks beautiful with the dark grey trim, the sound of the Ford Racing Coyote 412 BHP engine give your skin enormous goose bumps, just no words.

It was my turn around 11:00, after they strapped me down with the Simpson belts and checked my helmet off we went. Leaving the pits into the first right-hander, full acceleration to pick up as much speed possible…this is really insane!! Scotched to the back off the Kirkey race seat in to the first corner, the corner speed is so high I didn’t think we would make it. Overtaking about all the cars in the field in corners and coming out of them with the superb acceleration off the Coyote engine. This was an unforgettable experience, and I would like to thank the Hammink crew and Edwin for creating this opportunity. I’m convinced that this package ( FFR MK4 challenge Car-Coyote engine) will give spectators the action they want to see, back to close racing with equal equipment and let the best driver win!! Can’t wait to visit the first race with 12 of these supercars on the track.” – John v/d K

Great job on the build guys! For more photos from the event, click here.

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