Month: September 2023

Meet Craig A. and his awesome family!

Meet Craig A. and his awesome family! This weekend, Craig took a huge step toward realizing a long-held dream. Thanks to Factory Five and Stewart Transport driver, Mark S. Craig’s Factory Five Type 65 Coupe kit made it home to Michigan safely! Craig's dad played a major role in “steering”…Read More

John’s “Aardvark”, FFR Mk 4 build

Factory Five customer Col. Gale L. from Michigan purchased a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster complete kit. He successfully installed the running gear and brake lines, displaying his enthusiasm for the project. Unfortunately, due to health complications after his service as an Air Force pilot, Gale faced limitations in progressing further…Read More

FFR PDG GTM Trans Am Team Places at Portland

Congratulations to the Factory Five PDG GTM Trans Am team for their impressive performance at at Portland International Raceway! The team secured 2nd and 3rd place in a competitive field of 45 cars, aired on NBC Sports last weekend. Not only did they dominate on the track, but the team…Read More

The Dillon Family and Their Factory Five Kit Cars

Linda Dillon has had the privilege of watching her five sons grow up immersed in the world of building, crafting everything from go-carts to lawnmowers and various machines. Their shared passion for engineering and automotive craftsmanship continued into adulthood, as they began assembling and customizing an impressive collection of cars.…Read More

Brian L. Wins ‘Allen Grant Choice Award’

Customer Brian L. received a special invitation from the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado, for their charity event. Brian was given “the number 1 slot for the show" and learned that icons Allen Grant and Peter Brock would be in attendance. Allen's iconic CSX2128 Cobra was there in the…Read More