Devil Mountain Diesel Takes Apart Raptor to Build Factory Five XTF

In the Devil Mountain Diesel workshop the air is filled with the hum of innovation. The team at Devil Mountain Diesel has taken on an exciting challenge – putting together one of the first of its kind, the Factory Five XTF Truck.

After embarking on a journey to Massachusetts, Jason at Devil Mountain Diesel placed his trust in Factory Five’s renowned chassis and kit car expertise. He made the decision to acquire XTF Truck kit number 6, and had it transported to it’s new home, his shop in the Bay Area of California. He and his team had their sights set on transforming a 2018 Ford Raptor into an off-road behemoth, the journey had commenced.

For Jason, reliability is paramount, “I need to drive home from wherever I take it. My XTF needs to be able to take my Raptoring to the next level. Once it lives through my local tests it will make the Cabo run through the Best of Baja peninsula. With more claimed stiffness and suspension travel this XTF should allow faster, safer travel through the toughest off road terrain we can find! Keep in mind it will also be my daily driver, moving kids and life all over the Bay Area.” Having pushed the limits of a factory Raptor, he’s eager for the XTF’s promised remarkable performance.

Maybe all you need is a touch of devilish determination to build a super truck that leaves everyone wanting to experience the adventure for themselves. Buckle up for the ride!