Month: October 2019

SEMA Preview 4 of 10: Half Mobile Mk4 Update

This year for SEMA, we built an all-new Factory Five half mobile for our best-selling Mk4 Roadster. The car is a running, driving Mk4 with a monster 535 HP 351W/427 engine running on race gas. The car was designed to be a period-correct 427 replica complete with 15" Halibrand wheels,…Read More

SEMA Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Dept. of Transportation

Our good friends at SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Market Association) have reluctantly filed a petition in federal court to require the government to allow replica car manufacturers to immediately begin production under a 2015 law referred to as the Low Volume Manufacturers Law. Read the press release below: SEMA Sues…Read More

BluePrint Brothers in Arms!

Partnerships and collaboration define our company. Think about it. We don't build cars, our customers do. So we are natural partners with our customers, and work hand-in-hand so that their cars are the very best looking and performing. But we're not alone on the parts side as we have great…Read More