BluePrint Brothers in Arms!

Partnerships and collaboration define our company. Think about it. We don’t build cars, our customers do. So we are natural partners with our customers, and work hand-in-hand so that their cars are the very best looking and performing. But we’re not alone on the parts side as we have great suppliers and partner companies. One of the best is BluePrint Engines.

BluePrint sells a ton of engine/transmission packages to Factory Five customers for their builds, and they promote the heck out of our company. So we shipped them a Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod rolling chassis and body, and they dropped their 400 HP small block Ford crate motor and 5-speed transmission into it to use at shows and events.

There’s a good backstory. BluePrint owner and CEO Norris Marshall loves the car, but his 81-year-old dad Robin loves it more, and has put most of the miles on the car this past year. We got these photos from Pete at BluePrint, and the car was photographed by Brandon at TymaPhoto and graces their corporate conference room.

If you’re building a Factory Five and are looking for a great pushrod engine/transmission package, the crew at BluePrint are the best!

Dave Smith

BluePrint’s conference room (above) and hallway (below).