Month: May 2023

Rob M.’s Type 65 Coupe

Before purchasing his Factory Five Type 65 Coupe, Rob M. was involved in supercar racing with friends. When he started looking for what would end up being his Type 65 Coupe, one of his racing buddies said he knew of someone who had one sitting at his machine shop. Rob…Read More

François G. Graduates his Type 65 Coupe

Congratulations to François G. from Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada on graduating your Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. Francois tells his build story and shares details on his gorgeous car below. “Being a CPA by trade, I own a company with my family based in Quebec City. In 2017 my good friend Jeff…Read More

A May Day at Factory Five Racing

Customer Christopher N. from Ontario shown posing with Ricky Bobby and his new Factory Five Type 65 Coupe. Christopher’s pickup was followed by customer Eric M. picking up a Mk4 Base Kit. The weather has been perfect for pickups, and we are so stoked for their builds! Later, we had…Read More