Factory Five GTM Wins in Trans AM, US Touring Car Championship, and within striking distance of Western Endurance Racing Championship!

This past weekend at Circuit of the Americas race track in Austin, TX, the Team PDG Factory Five GTM finished a truly remarkable season with wins in three major racing categories.

Trans Am West Coast Champion!

Driver Carl Rydquist drove the Team PDG Factory Five GTM to a 1st place Trans Am title in the West Coast in Super GT Class with multiple race wins and a strong finish at this past weekend’s Nationals.

Trans Am National SGT Class, 4th Place!

At the Trans Am National Championships this past weekend, Carl drove the GTM to a 4th place finish in Super GT behind Adrian Wlostoski’s Trans Am Mustang, Lux Performance Group’s Dodge Viper, and Ken Thwaits’ Audi R8. The competition in Austin was savage, and Carl was able to keep the GTM within striking distance of the leaders through 28 laps.

West Coast Trans Am Manufacturers Champion!

A first-ever for Factory Five is a class win in the West Coast Trans Am Manufacturers Championship, and definitely a first-ever for ANY component car company!

These 2019 championships come on the back of having finished 3rd overall in the 2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill, and having won the 2018 NASA Western Endurance Championship ESR class with two overall race wins to boot.

In less than a month, on October 27th, Team PDG with Carl driving will be only one green flag away from securing the United States Touring Car GT Championship title as well! A truly remarkable season from a fantastic group of racers keeping the race in Factory Five Racing.

“Congratulations and thank you for having constructed an amazing and desirable car design, that a small team can use as a perfect platform to create a GT3 racecar with a few very affordable mods!” – Carl Rydquist