FFR Customers Garry B. and Karen S. Visit the Salt

We received an e-mail this past weekend from Factory Five customer Garry B. with an exciting story about how he and fellow FFR customer Karen S. brought their cars, a Factory Five Challenge Car and Type 65 Coupe, out to Salt Lake City to join the Utah C-car Club for a five day cruise.

Garry and Karen could not pass up the opportunity to take some photos at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. During their photo shoot, a thunderstorm rolled in and the two of them got soaked with some salty rain. “Mad a mess of the cars as well as the tow rigs,” wrote Garry, “but it was worth the effort!”

Thanks for sharing the photos Garry and Karen! Hope you had a fun cruise with the Utah C-car Club.

You can read more about Garry and Karen’s five day cruise with the Utah C-car Club on The Factory Five Forum.