SEMA Show 2018 Photos and Updates – Coupe Drifting Video Added!

The live Coupe build is done, and Dave Smith gave PowerNation TV’s Katie Osborne a ride for it in the Ford Out Front Drift Ring this morning.

Also, we’ve shot several videos with the crew from Power Automedia this week, and they’ve posted the first one where Dave Smith goes over the cars we brought to the show and discusses the Gen 2 Hot Rod.

During day 2 of the SEMA Show, the crew fired up the 5.0L Coyote-powered Type 65 Coupe at the Live Build area with help from NASCAR driver Joey Logano. Our booths continued to attracting big crowds, our cars were featured in numerous videos including several Facebook live videos amongst other productions.

We have three booths at this year’s SEMA Show. Two outdoors, and one indoors! Our indoor booth has been staying busy as it features two ’35 Hot Rod Trucks and our all-new ’33 Hot Rod.

Stacy has been talking with customers and helping get them all the info they need.

Factory Five’s Director of R&D Jim Schenck talks with customers about the Hot Rod Truck and the new ’33 Hot Rod.

Jim from the Factory Five Build School talks about the Hot Rod chassis with a bunch of customers.

Factory Five President Dave Smith (right) catches up with Jarrod Deanda (left) from Snap-On Tools’ “From the Ground Up” and NASCAR driver Joey Logano (center).

The Type 65 Coupe live build crew applauds as Joey Logano fires up the 5.0L Coyote-powered Coupe for the first time.

Factory Five’s Tony Zullo details the Coupe body. It will be getting put on the chassis soon!

Dave Smith with Jo Coddington and Joey Logano.

In the live build area, we also have the Type 65 Coupe-R on display.

Factory Five customers Ron E., Jeff K., and Henry R. continue to work on the Coupe.

The 2019 London Cobra Show raffle car is a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster built by FormaCars and is featured in our outdoor display.

iWire has the 818C they built in Factory Five’s outdoor booth at SEMA this year, and next to it is the twin-turbo Nelson Racing Engine-powered GTM built by SKJ Customs.

Factory Five customer Erik Treves built this ProStreet ’35 Hot Rod Truck.

Our indoor booth features the brand-new ’33 Hot Rod rolling chassis. You can read about the new Hot Rod features here.

Next to it is our new Gen 2 Hot Rod build featuring the options ’32 deluxe nose.

Our full fendered ’35 Hot Rod Truck (above) is parked next to SMG Motoring’s LS-powered Hot Rod Truck. Customers are really enjoying comparing the two nose options.

Black Label Speed Shops ’35 Hot Rod Truck has been a huge hit in the outdoor booth!


At the start of the show, all three of Factory Five’s booths were filled with people trying to check out our latest builds! We had the crew from PowerNation TV and Power Automediacame by the booth as well to interview the team. The live Coupe build is well underway, and first start happened on Wednesday morning.

The Coupe body is patiently waiting to get put on in the live build area.

Our Type 65 Coupe-R is featured by the live Coupe build in the Ford Out Front area.

Black Label Speed Shop’s ’35 Hot Rod Truck is featured in our outdoor booth by Ford Out Front.

Katie Osborne from Powerblock TV was by our booth filming for their SEMA recap episode.

Ron and Jesper working on the Coupe during day 1.

Karen, Ron, and Jesper work on the rear end of the Coupe.

Our full fendered ’35 Hot Rod Truck is headlining our indoor display.

We’ve found several customer Factory Five ’33 Hot Rods at SEMA including this one.

Another Factory Five customer’s ’33 Hot Rod build at the show.

Factory Five President Dave Smith is interview by Power Automedia in our indoor booth.

Factory Five’s Tony Zullo also talked with the Power Automedia crew about our outdoor displays.

The crew getting ready to kick-off the live build this morning.

The Black Label Speed Shop ’35 Hot Rod Truck next to the Mk4 Roadster that will be raffled off at next year’s London Cobra Show built by FormaCars.

Factory Five customer Erik W. Treves’ latest build – a ProStreet ’35 Hot Rod Truck.

Keep checking back for more coverage from the 2018 SEMA Show!