Five Factory Five Surprises

Winter Open House “Moochfest” News

I am pleased to bring you news of some fun projects that we’ve been working on here at Factory Five. If you are attending the Moochfest, you will get a close-up look at some of this work. If not, here is a short summary of five Factory Five projects.

1. New 2nd Generation Type 65 Coupe

2. The Next Factory Five Car

3. New Factory Five Internet Forum

4. Factory Five-Tasca Ford Racing “Drop-in” Engine Program

5. Racing Series News



1. New 2nd Generation Type 65 Coupe

We’ve revised our Type 65 Coupe for the first time in 10 years. The changes we made are designed to make the car easier to build, perform better, and with higher quality parts. Production begins shortly and we will be shipping the new version Coupe in March. Here is a summary of the changes.

Type 65 Coupe Upgrades

• All-new composite body with red gel coat

• New close-tolerance body molds with new panel molds

• New rear glass hatch and hinge standard

• Mk4 front suspension upgrades and round X-member

• New interchangeable 4-link/3-link rear suspension design

• Revised cockpit aluminum panels for better fit and easier assembly

• New chassis welding jig and component welding jigs

2. The Next Factory Five Car

Based on tough Subaru WRX running gear, Factory Five’s next car has been in development for almost a year. With a space frame designed and tested on SolidWorks software, this single donor car will sell for $9,900. We will use our 15 years of accumulated design and manufacturing skills to deliver a “world car” that can be COMPLETED for less than $15,000.

• Single Donor Subaru WRX Running Gear

• Factory Five Space Frame Chassis, 95″ Wheel Base

• Mid-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Configuration

• Target weight – 1,800 lbs.

• Two Seater Roadster

• No Paint, Gel Coat Panels

• Target Kit Price: $9,900

• Target Vehicle Completion Cost Under $15,000

• Design Partners: SolidWorks Software, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Concept drawing by Murray Pfaff at

Automobile Magazine wrote the following:

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stuffed a Subaru WRX motor into something that’s mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, and weighs less than 2,000 lbs.? Because that’s the next Factory Five car – a two-seater built around inexpensive and indestructible Subaru running gear. The styling isn’t finalized, but I’m imaging something that looks like Lancia Stratos. And if you don’t break into a creepy serial-killer smile every time you imagine an affordable, WRX-based Stratos, then you are some kind of weirdo. The car’s new wheelbase is locked in at 95″ which is a little longer then an Exige.”

Ezra Dyer, Automobile Magazine

Body Design Competition

The base dimensions, running gear, and chassis/suspensions work has been determined. The body shape of this two-seater, mid-engined roadster is not finalized and we have decided, in conjunction with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, to sponsor a body design competition open to the public and hosted by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Full details on this competition will be released shortly and submissions dates begin March 1st.

Full details will be released on our website shortly.

3. The Factory Five Forum

As part of a major effort to better connect with our customers, suppliers, and vendors, we have sponsored an all-new online discussion forum. Many Factory Five customers are helping with this effort and the official launch is today, February 12 at 9 A.M. EST, at our Winter Open House. Click here to join the Factory Five online community at Click the upper right-hand register button to join for free.

4. Factory Five-Tasca Ford Racing “Drop-in” Engine Program

Complete running engine/transmission packages are now available from Ford Racing and Tasca Ford. Build your Factory Five with a brand-new Ford Racing engine from Tasca. These engines come completely assembled with transmissions and ready to drop into your Factory Five. This is really because these engines are running with intakes, pumps, alternate drives, bell housings, transmissions…everything! Currently there are three engine packages:

• An affordable Boss 302 with 340 HP and Tremec HD trans

• A high-performance 450 HP Boss 347 with Tremec HD Trans

• New 5.0L Coyote engine with 464 HP and Tremec HD Trans

Full details and pricing will be released shortly. These engines are currently in stock and this program is ready to fly.

5. Factory Five Challenge Series Evolution

It has been 10 years since we launched the Factory Five-NASA Challenge Series. Looking ahead, we are ready to commit resources needed to make sure our series continue to grow and deliver exciting, safe, affordable racing. Jim Schenck here at Factory Five is working with series racers to explore exciting new changes to the 10 year old racing program. Among the changes being considered are adding horsepower and aerodynamics to the Challenge Cars and the most exciting idea is to add the Type 65 Coupe to the series in a fair way and to rename the series the Factory Five-NASA Legacy Series. If this happens, it would be a dramatic series pitting the original Roadsters against the 1965 World Championship cars in an exciting vintage series beginning in 2012.

Karen Salvaggio and her Thunder Valley Racing team at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Is this the next Factory Five to join the FFR-NASA Series?