Back to the Grind After Winter Open House

Photos from Around FFR

The dust has settled after our big Winter Open House and the crew is getting back to work. It’s fun seeing the parts start rolling in now for the Anniversary Cars and the Gen 2 Coupe as well. Here are some photos from production.

Dave Smith

We had a newly painted Mk4 at the Winter Open House. Don’t tell any one, but it was painted Rosa Corsa (world’s collide on this one)!

The Anniversary Edition rear ends arrived powder coated in a special silver and etched with the Anniversary logo.

The first of the Anniversary Edition frames came back from the powder coaters.

Here’s a brand new Coupe nose just out of the new molds!

Gen 2 Type 65 Coupes are going together. I believe this is the second or third chassis.

The silver powder coating came out great!

Anniversary floor mats arrived. This is a sample mouse pad sized floor mat with the logo.

These 15 silver chassis are very special.

Josh and Fred get back to the grind.

Nothing like an ocean of steel and aluminum.

Factory Five autotrons slaving away at their miserable existence.

Jesper, Director of Engineering, back at the CAD station.

There’s a Hot Rod in the office!

Bill unpacks powder coated components.

Jessie and Paul in shipping.

Mk4s fresh out of the oven.

Kevin in welding.

A new ’33 chassis being made.

Jerry mans the CNC cutter.

Can I borrow a clamp?

Nate Johnson in molding.

CNC robot and Hot Rod panels.

A Mk4, 2 Coupes, and a GTM.

A GTM chassis waiting for aluminum panels.

Sally mans the front desk with a good view.

Andy waits for Spring.