Adams Automotive Works Build Dream Car

Customer Gary Adams Writes to Share His Stoke for His Mk3

Everyday, when going through the mail and shuffling through car magazines and bills, we come across a letter from a customer that reminds us how fun these builds are and how they change people’s lives. We recently received a letter from customer Gary Adams from New Jersey and thought we’d share part of it with all of you along with some of the photos he included.

“On November 14, 2009, my dream car was delivered…body, frame, and box after box after box. It was overwhelming! It was amazing! It was unbelievable! A small party was held in honor of this big day with decorations, balloons, and even a cake! All I could think of was what was I getting myself into? This was going to be very INTERESTING!!! After about one month of planning and sorting through the boxes, the project was started.

In 11 months, with many, many, many phone calls made to Factory Five, this project was complete. What a wonderful project it has been!” – Gary Adams