Back to Work at Factory Five

Factory Five Crew Back to Full Speed After 14th Annual Open House

I walked around this morning and was amazed how fast the crew was able to put things back together and get back into full-speed production following our big Open House event. Mad Dog is plowing through over 500 photos and we’ll have a full report on Saturday’s event up shortly, as well as expanded details on the 818 project now that the design competition is over.

For now, here are some pictures of the place as we clean-up and get back to work.

Dave Smith

Rick Masters is back at tech support helping guys build their cars.

Just one of 50 cars at this year’s Open House. This one was part of a contingent from Texas who drove up! Dig on the license plate (blanked out the number) distinguished flying cross.

Chris F. is back welding Mk4s.

Jessie is shipping parts at full speed.

We shipped a GTM out in a crate (below) and Stewart Transport is here to pick-up some kits.

Brian F. is busy packing kits.

Jason L. works with Mad Dog on the Open House post.

The new showroom looks awesome from my office window. Hmmm…which car should I take for lunch?

The suspension demos get loaded into the showroom after Jason (below) puts a shine to the new floor.

The 25 Hour Endurance Racer is scheduled for some work shortly.

Jesper Ingerslev and Jim Schenck talk 818.

The warehouse is returning to kit stock rather than car parking.

Here’s a cool stable of race cars and a street car (top). Rick Masters parks Jim’s Challenge Racer (below)

My favorite signed door returns to the showroom.

A good job is when you can park your car next to your desk.

R&D becomes temporary vehicle parking as we sort things out.

Project 818 table in the background.

Another Type 65 Coupe takes shape first thing this morning.