Casting Call for Car Warriors!

Factory Five Racing Episode Needs Customers


I have some exciting news to announce. We will be working with the Speed Channel Show Car Warriors on a new show where two teams will be building side-by-side Factory Five ’33 Hot Rods and YOU are invited to be on the build crew.

The two Factory Five ’33 kits will have the body work completed, panels fit (primed and ready for paint), and all running gear for the build. Teams are limited to seven people and selection begins shortly.

The guys from Car Warriors contacted us and I loved the concept of building some quality cars on the show, however, we do not have the man power to staff two simultaneous builds. So, we came up with the idea of opening up the show to the Factory Five community. We’ve done this before with the Hot Rod Magazine five-day build (which was done mostly by customers) and the expertise and fellowship of the Factory Five community is something that will be fun to watch on TV. One great idea, depending on submissions, is to put together two Hot Rod building teams, East vs. West with the Mississippi River as the official dividing line.

So, here’s the program…

If you would like to participate and be on the show, you must meet the following qualifications, send in a video application, and agree to the terms of the show:


You must have built, or presently be building, a Factory Five Racing car (any model).
You must be available for filming the show on November 14-18 in North Ridge, CA
You will have to pay your own travel expenses
You must be a nice person and promise to do your best and compete with good sportsmanship
Video application:

Answer the following questions in a video of yourself. The video should not be more than 3 minutes and should include the following.

1 – State your name, spell your name, and state your hometown, city/state.
2 – Describe the Factory Five vehicle that you built (i.e. model, year, running gear, hours to build, color, etc.)
3 – Describe your best car skills (i.e. painting, engine building, assembly, customization, wiring, craftsmanship, speed).
4 – Tell us a first car story, a funny car story, an inspirational story, or something about yourself that you feel is important.

Please e-mail your video to by using a service such as YouSendIt for free or send it to us on a DVD. The video should be submitted as either an MPEG or MOV. All entries must be submitted by October 7th, 2011.