Facility Upgrades to R&D Race Shop

Over the last few months, we have been making some upgrades to our facility and getting ready for some major new projects in 2014.  The R&D race shop has gotten a good amount of attention with new floors, tools, and equipment.  Here are some cool shots of the work as it progressed.

Susie and Stevie from “Just Get Dirty Garage” did an excellent job on sponsor graphics.

Once the epoxy flooring was finished, we were able to install new Snap-On cabinets and upgrade lighting.

New Snap-On wheel mounting machine and tire balancing machine make race tire changes and show mounts easier.

Snap-On media blast cabinet and solvent bath will help rehab donor parts.

The frame in work bay #3 is a special ’33 Hot Rod project that will be announced shortly.

The guys in engineering are building a newer version of the 818R with the crew at Snap-On.  The cool new black cabinets spent time at Dale Jarrett’s NASCAR shop before making their permanent home here at Factory Five.

Frankie puts the new tools to good use working on a solid-axle rear end.

Sponsors are now prominently displayed around the perimeter ceiling.

Another 2014 project is well underway.  The R&D shop transitions over to an assembly bay #4 that is actually in the tech support area.

The view from tech support into R&D.

Director of Operations Nate Johnson has an office with a nice window view!

Here’s a better shot of our new Snap-On work cabinets.  You’ll see this work space (bay #1) on broadcast shows coming up in 2014.

Frankie can finally find all of his tools in the massive Snap-On roller cabinet.

The shop is used for everything from vehicle development to regular maintenance and race set-up.

Above: It’s nice to have the area set-up so that multiple projects can be worked on at once.

Below: It’s also nice to have tech support go from phones to projects to tech in the same area.


Special thanks to our sponsors for helping with this race shop overhaul.  2014 is going to see some exciting new projects come out of this area.

Factory Five Racing