Factory Five 818 Coupe to Debut on PowerNation!

We are excited to announce a new episode of PowerNation that will feature the installation of Ford’s mighty 310 HP 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine into the new Factory Five 818C!  Up to now, the 818 has been powered by Subaru WRX/Impreza engines, and this new Ford engine promises to deliver an American power plant alternative to the Subaru boxer engines.  This weekend, PowerNation will air a preview of the episode with the full episode scheduled for a few month away.

Here’s the list of air dates for the preview:

10/18/15      Sunday           9:00am          Spike   Xtreme Off Road
10/18/15      Sunday           9:30am          Spike   Engine Power
10/18/15      Sunday           10:00am        Spike   Truck Tech
10/18/15      Sunday           10:30am        Spike   Detroit Muscle

10/20/15      Tuesday         3:30pm          NBC Sports Network Xtreme Off Road
10/20/15      Tuesday         4:00pm          NBC Sports Network Engine Power
10/22/15      Thursday       3:30pm          NBC Sports Network Truck Tech
10/22/15      Thursday       4:00pm          NBC Sports Network Detroit Muscle

10/24/15      Saturday        8:00am           CBS Sports Network  Xtreme Off Road
10/24/15      Saturday        8:30am           CBS Sports Network  Engine Power
10/24/15      Saturday        9:00am           CBS Sports Network  Truck Tech
10/24/15      Saturday        9:30am           CBS Sports Network  Detroit Muscle


For more on the 818 Coupe, click here.