Factory Five Closed Monday, April 20th for Patriot's Day

In 1969, the third Monday in April was officially designated as Patriot’s Day which can be traced back to the Sons of the American Revolution in Massachusetts who first began recognizing this day. The day is meant to remember the Battle of Lexington and Concord which was fought on April 19th, 1775.

On that April morning, just at the crack of dawn, the British soldiers reached the Lexington green. It was there that shots were fired by the British and eight American Colonists fell essentially heralding the beginning of the American Revolution.

But the British were stopped in their tracks by the Colonists of the small village of Concord at the Old North Bridge over the Concord River. As the British soldiers marched up the road to Concord, they were met by 250 armed settlers. Here, the first British soldier was shot and war had begun. More than two hundred years later, school children still learn about this Shot Heard Round the World.

Patriot’s Day is a Massachusetts state holiday and most everyone in Massachusetts takes the day off. However, it is not a federal holiday so we apologize to those in the other 49 states.