Factory Five Customer Trevor P. Races Ultimate Track Challenge

Factory Five customer Trevor P. brought his race-prepped Factory Five Challenge Car to the 2012 Ultimate Tack Challenge sponsored by Grassroots Motorsports and hosted at the wonderful Virginia International Raceway. Trevor finished 16th out of 48, and like usual, Factory Five was the only replica/kit model on the track. Trevor ran a best lap of 2:05.5. This time is a half second faster than he ran last year and his finishing position improves from 21st to 16th!  AND, that is against a much more competitive/faster field.  Last year’s UTC effort by Jim Schenck at Factory Five netted about the same time, 2:05.9 (click here to read the story from September 2011).

Huge congratulations to Trevor for his great driving and for proving that Factory Fives are competitive with the fastest race cars out there!