Factory Five-Ford Racing Millenium Falcon Returns Home!

Four years ago, we shipping one of our factory demo race cars over to the boys at Ford Racing.  The car was originally built by Panoz Auto Development as one of three Challenge Cars for the Bondurant School.  This particular car was at the Bondurant School for two years (until GM took over main sponsorship of the school from Ford!).  The other two Bondurant School cars were sold and Factory Five President Dave Smith kept this one as an in-house race car.

When Ford began developing the 4.6L “Aluminator” motor, they needed a test mule car, so we sent off red #5 to Dearborn, MI and the car served as the development vehicle for that 650+ HP engine.  When the new 5.0L Coyote came out, interest in the “Aluminator” waned and the car was left in storage.

Yesterday, we received the car back and are busy cleaning it and getting it running and just having fun with it!  We love the prototype engine stickers still visible and a lot of the custom mods that the Ford boys did to get the car plumbed and running.  We’ll post more news on the car as we go.  Here’s some more pics.