Read George Kennedy's Article on One Hour with Massive Power

George Kennedy, writer for The Boston Globe and Hemmings Motor News, recently posted a blog on titled “One Hour with Massive Power” detailing his expereince driving a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster.

The article discussed George’s boyhood dream of owning a C-car and how he discovered Factory Five could make that dream come true. “Of the replica kit cars on the market today (and there are many),” writes Geroge, “the Factory Five lineup is perhaps the best collection of retro rides available.”

George also said, “the biggest fun on the highway was dropping it down to 4th and laying into the throttle, and letting roar of the enigne overtake the drone of wind buffeting your ears. You are in an absolute tunnel of sight, sound, smell and feel, and the car is overwhelming all of these senses.”

Thanks for the great write-up George and glad you had fun driving the Mk4!

To read the full article, click here.