Turnology.com’s Factory Five Challenge Car to Debut at SEMA

Power Automedia editor Mrk Gearhart and his team at Turnology.com have been working hard on their ultimate Factory Five Challenge Car build, and will be debuting the finished car at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in a couple weeks.


From SEMA News: “Mark Hearhart has been building cars for as long as he’s been able to drive, and he tries to do something different and set a trend with each one.  This will be his and Turnology’s first SEMA Show vehicle, and he wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t be confused with any other car at the show.  The project is based on a Factory Five Mk4 Challenge Series road-race car, thought it’s optioned with a Street Completion package to make it roadworthy.  It was built in a normal two-car garage after hours and on the weekend in less than a year.  The fully build 312ci Coyote engine from a ’11 Mustang makes more than 624.9 hp at 7,800 rpm on pump gas, utilizing billet individual throttle bodies.  A racing heads-up disply and a dash-mounted Windows-based tablet PC output live, digital gauge displays and also function as the car’s stereo.  The Mk4 will feature dual electronically controlled fluid pumps for the transmission, rear end and front-mount oil cooler.  Gearhart is laos developing a new lighting system with LED headlights, turn signals and taillights.  “This will be a true drive-it-to-the-track, race and drive-it-home road-race build,” he said.”

You can check out Mark’s finished Challenge Car build in Toyo Tires booth (#40039) at this year’s SEMA Show, November 3-6.  Click here to read their build blogs.