“Yes, It’s Hers and Yes, She Drives It!” – Region Rides

I met Dan and Holly Schuffert about five years ago at the annual London Cobra Show in London, OH.  The show is always a lot of fun, but its a challenge to check out all of the Factory Fives since there are commonly over 100 Factory Five customers with their cars. Dan built the car for his wife Holly. What I noticed about their car back then was that it was being driven in red gel-coat since it had not been painted yet. The other thing I noticed is the very custom twin-turbo set-up that Dan had welded up custom and fitted to a custom Dart small block.

The other day, I got a copy of Region Rides Magazine sent to Factory Five with a nice note from Holly (it is her car!). I can’t wait to check out the car at this year’s London Cobra Show being hosted by the Ohio Cobra Club and being held on Saturday, June 23rd.

Huge congrats to Dan and Holly on a beautiful Factory Five Mk4 Roadster and well deserved press!