Customer David H. Receives his Mk4 Roadster

Many kids started their first day of school this week, and many Factory Five kits found their way home this weekend. One of those kits was David H.’s Mk4 Complete Kit. 8 hours later he completed his inventory and “after going through 46 pages of parts I’ve identified just 4 additional items. The biggest items were the left and right glove box hinges. The others, two spacers. Pretty amazing when you think about it.”

David’s interest in building a Factory Five escalated when “In 2007 I did a frame off restoration of a 1972 Corvette. I spent a lot of time and money with Mike Yager of Mid American Motors. He was a client and soon to be friend of mine. He memorialized my restoration by featuring me in an article on the back of Corvette Magazine. I told him back then that I wanted to build a Factory Five Roadster, and he told me he knew Dave Smith.”

When David “hung up his suit and tie” retiring from investments and banking, it was time to build again. “In general I love the whole family feel of being a Factory Five builder.

I’ve ordered a Complete IRS kit, and building a SBF 347 Stroker and will be topping it off with the new Holley Sniper 2, Hyper-Spark ignition and their In-Tank electric fuel pump. I’ve bought a Tremec TKX transmission, am installing a mid shifter, and am running 3.55 gears in the rear.

I’ve bought upgrades through Breeze, FFMetals, Mike Forte, and spent time with Jeff Kleiner since we live just 1 1/2 hours away in Southern Indiana. He’ll be doing my body and painting.

I’ve spent a lot of time on FF Forum and find this an extremely useful tool for building your car. In addition, I belong to several FF groups on Facebook and of course follow the Factory Five Racing Facebook Page. I love the live broadcasts that Dave puts on occasionally.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow off comes the body!”