Factory Five's Dave C.'s Track Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to some new employees here at Factory Five and we recently learned that one of them, shipping’s Dave Correia, won a trip to Leguna Seca for the 1st Annual Speed Dream Ride Event in April 2010.

Factory Five’s Dave Correia (left) with Mario Andretti and the other winners.

During the five day event, Dave and four other winners got to ride along with Mario Andretti in a two-seater IndyCar, Kyle Petty in a NASCAR stock car, Jaon Pridmore on a two-up MotoGP sportbike, and Tanner Foust on a drifting course. And if riding along with these pros wasn’t exciting enough, the winners also got a chance to crush some cars in the black and green Monster Truck known as “Gravedigger.”

Dave about to head out on the track with Tanner Foust.

The event also featured a tour of the beautiful northern California countryside where the winners got to pilot a collection of supercars supplied by Word Class Driving.

Thanks for sharing this exciting experience with us Dave!

Dave with Kyle Petty.

Dave with Mario Andretti.