Factory Five Picture of the Month Winners

The Winners for February 2012 Have Been Announced

The new Factory Five Forum continues to grow as we have passed 6,000 member and over 50,000 posts. As a way of saying thank you, and rewarding the community, Factory Five sponsors a monthly “Picture of the Month” contest. Each Factory Five car category winner will get a $100 Factory Five gift certificate! Winners will be chosen by customer-moderators on The Factory Five Forum.

Check out the winners for February 2012 and visit The Factory Five Forum to check out all of the photo submissions.


Arm7419's Hot Rod - Hot Rod and Overall Picture of the Month Winner for March 2012


Cobradavid's Mk3.1 Roadster - Roadster Picture of the Month Winner


Garry Bopp's Type 65 Coupe - Type 65 Coupe Picture of the Month Winner


Mem21's Challenge Car - Challenge Car Picture of the Month