New 818 Configurations Windtunnel Tested

We took the new 818 to A2 Windtunnel in Mooresville, NC to test the new nose configuration, nose insert design, and airflow/cooling variations of ducting.

The 818 program enters a new stage with the release of the newest configuration, the 818 Coupe. We’ve changed all the 818 models over to the new nose standard. All 818 models in production now and forward have this new nose design. The previous revision nose and headlight designs are still available for replacement parts or custom orders.

Check out the wind tunnel work we’ve recently completed with the new design. The team is proud of the continuing evolution of the newest Factory Five. The 818C gives builders another way to make their 818 meet multiple needs.  The car looks more aggressive, and is more aerodynamic than before.

We’ll have a new 818C and 818R at the 2015 SEMA Show next month in Las Vegas.

Dave Smith

We tested a tremendous number of variables over the day and a half of windtunnel testing.

We tested the latest configuration of the nose insert for downforce, drag, and airflow/cooling.

Every run generated a full set of data points.

We removed the hard top and tested the 818 in S-trim (roadster).


We also tested the 818R with the new nose and the latest configuration nose insert with canards, front splitter, and aperture variations.


The outside of the windtunnel is almost as cool as the inside.

818 designer Jim Schenck supervised all windtunnel testing.