Patrick Bashor Graduates MKIV Roadster Build

Congratulations to Patrick Bashor on finishing his Factory Five MkIV Roadster complete kit powered by a 347 small block Ford engine, with IRS option and 18” bronze sunburst wheels. 

From Patrick, “The story of the build is similar to a lot of guys except I was on a time crunch. I’m currently stationed in Houston but I was only guaranteed two years here with a possible third before my next assignment which would likely be overseas again. I ordered my kit and engine while still deployed in India, hoping to get it shortly after my arrival in Houston —which I did. When it comes to mechanical knowledge, I’m about as everyday as they come. I’ve changed oil, alternators, shocks and such, but my knowledge was completely limited to taking a part off and putting a new identical one in its place. This build was something completely new to me, but something I’ve dreamed of since watching Tim Taylor build hotrods in his garage on the TV show “Home Improvement” as a kid. 

The build was almost entirely a solo effort but the community helped immensely. I had a lot of the same problems that many do for a first build. I put in a lot of sweat while swinging the rubber hammer to get the swing arms and IRS pieces into place until I learned the trick of using a threaded rod and nuts to spread the brackets slightly where they were too tight. When my motor came, I reached out to the Houston Cobra Club for help and I had a crew come out to assist, which made a job I was worried about very easy. They volunteered to bring an engine hoist as well, so that was one less thing I needed to locate and rent. Electrical was a challenge as well but with the help of the community I made it through. 

The paint and body work was done at A1 Auto Restoration Collision in NW Houston by a guy named Walter. He’s known as the Cobra guy in Houston, he’s done more than 50 cars and does a very good job. By the time mine finished he had 4 other cobras in his shop!. The only down side is that he’s a one man operation so time is a challenge.”

In terms of powertrain, Patrick says he is running a 347 Ford engine built by Levy Racing with FI Tech fuel injection,  Brembo brakes, power steering and oil cooler, a front sway bar and misc parts from Forte’s Auto Parts. Patrick also has a number of upgrades from Breeze Automotive including the engine compartment battery mount, radiator shroud and lower support, lower radiator tube, seat installation kit and cockpit cubby. The interior is fairly basic except he selected the carbon fiber dash. Additionally, he mounted steel plates above and below the shifter, (beneath the carpet) so he could attach removable magnetic cup holders, (modified yeti tumblers). Patrick also has speakers mounted behind the seats that connect to an out-of-sight audio receiver which is loud enough until you pass 3k rpm. The last two add-ons are a drop trunk kit and Drummer Mike’s Heat Shields.”