Hart Kelley Graduates MKIV Roadster

Hart Kelley says, “Owning a Roadster has been a must have since it raced at the 12 hours of Sebring when I was in high school. A lot of years past, and a lot of miles in the air as an airline pilot, until I was able to retire and have my dream car. 

The kit was ordered from FFR in January of 2021 and I signed up for and attended the Michigan build school in the February 2021 class. Can’t say enough good things and knowledge gained while there. The Kit arrived on July 5, 2021 and the serious work started. Being retired and having a nice work shop and great neighbors to lend an occasional helping hand, the build progressed pretty quickly. One set back was a month off for a left knee replacement and then back at it, rolling around the shop on a roller stool. 

By November of 2021 had it to Go Kart stage and then got the body on and looking like a car by mid December. The biggest delay was waiting three months on my friend to get me into the paint and body shop. Spent the time driving and tweaking.

I wanted the color to be close to Merlot wine and Tom did his magic and mixed up a few samples until we were both happy. Seven weeks, 2 spray coats of gelcoat, 2 base coats, 4 color coats and 5 clear coats and the finished product put a gleam in my eye and a big smile on my face.

Back home after the paint, it took a month to put all the bling on and to stand back and admire my lifelong dream, finally a reality. The car is a dream to drive and hugs the road like it is attached with Velcro.

I flew Cobra helicopters in the Army and was able to get a Florida custom tag with the Army letter designation for the aircraft, AH-IG. Which was a finishing touch.

Thanks to all at FFR who answered my questions and guided me through the process. It has been well worth the time and effort.”

Congratulations Hart on graduating your dream car. Enjoy the miles and can’t wait to hear more!

If you are interested in learning more about Hart’s build timeline and specs, please read more below.

Build Timeline: 

Mark IV Build Kit 147307 ordered January, 2021

Mott Community College Factory Five Build School Feb 26, 2021

Kit purchased Jan 15, 2021

Kit Delivered July 5, 2021

Go Kart Nov 15, 2021

First Drive Dec 15, 2021

Paint and Body Apr 27- June 25, 2022

Final Completed Assembly July 15- July 28, 2022

Complete Kit:

Powder-coated frame

Hyd clutch

Body cut outs

Black Leather Seats

Power Steering


GPS Gauges

Polished Over-Riders

Wind Wings and Sun Visors

Dual Chrome Roll Bars

Side Louvers

Wilwood Brake upgrade

Extra Brake Reservoirs

Halibrand 17” Replica Wheels

Items Installed

Blue Print Engine 302/347

Holley Sniper

Tremec TKX-5 Speed

Gas-N Stainless Side Pipes

Aeromotive in tank fuel pump

Dark Water mirror bracket and Door trim

Forma Automotive Door latches

Herb Fraser Leather Door Pouches

Finishline Automotive front bushings and shoulder harness covers

Tubular Automotive Coolant hoses and connections

Performance Plus- Braided fuel lines and Hyd clutch lines

Hydraulic Supply- Power Steering Hoses

Second Skin sound and heat insulation

Summit racing- Cup holders

CJ Pony Car- Leather headrests

Discount Tires

Mike Franchuck- Stainless side pipe covers

Metco Motorsports- Drive shaft safety loop

Interstate M-51 battery

Jeff Miller- fiberglass hood scoop

Piggyback Customs Covers

Breeze Purchases:

Fan Shroud

Lower Radiator support

Dash Reinforcement

Forward Battery Box

LED Headlights and taillights

Custom Seat Mount

Russ Thompson Purchases:

Throttle pedal

Brake and Clutch pads

Turn Signal mod

Outside Support/Advice:

Henry’s Hotrods Punta Gorda Florida

Paint and Body Work:

Tom’s Kustoms Cape Coral, Florida