Project Drift Rod: Back on Track

Back on track with Project Drift Rod, Mark Gearhart is moving forward with his Factory Five ’35 Hot Rod Truck build, and we can’t wait to see the finishing touches! Check out the latest updates and look out for more articles to come from the Hot Rod Magazine’s series on Mark’s Factory Five.

Since his last article on Project Drift Rod, Mark moved out to KY and life got busy, but he’s excited to be back on track and getting the truck’s wiring all set in NC at HCR Innovations by wiring magician, Devin Vanderhoof!

Mark’s truck features a 1,200HP Coyote engine! Out back, a Moser Engineering 8.8-inch rearend is based off a stock length 2005-14 Mustang GT unit. Moser’s all-new housing was pre-fitted with 3.73:1 rear gears and a Wavetrac limited-slip differential. He pressed in the axle seals and opted to install the housing into the truck before assembling the rest. Upon mockup of our Weld S70 wheels wrapped in Toyo R888R rubber, we have to say, this is going to be a good looking truck! The kit got upgraded with front and rear kits from Wilwood. The Weld S70 wheels and Toyo R888R rubber are promising a good looking truck!

Link to the Hot Rod article Mark left off on: The Drift Rod Gets its Coyote Powerplant

The full video from Devon Vanderhoof below shows his wiring work on Project Drift Rod.

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