Customer Ben D. Santa’s Workshop Photo

The day after Christmas, customer Ben D. Santa’s workshop photo resonates with all of us.

“An early morning shot as I entered the garage the day after putting the body on for the first time. Either the sun telling me to skip work that day, or some sort of metaphor for the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter.” – customer Ben D.’s Mk4 Roadster in the build phase (@iowaben on the forums)

Felt like the perfect time to post this picture. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and much needed holiday. Some of us are back to work, and some of us have the week off, but the holidays give us all time to think about the people and things we love and cherish the most in our lives, the ups and downs of Christmases past, and the coming new year.

Something this amazing community can connect on is a passion for building something greater than ourselves. The Factory Five community is full of amazing people building dreams, passion projects, providing other gearheads with hope and encouragement.

Whether you picked up your Factory Five or had it shipped, built it all on your own or with friends and family, drove it all over the place or on the occasional holiday drive —Factory Five customers are built, not bought.

It is a blessing to put these kits together and hear your build stories, and an honor to be a part of a community not only building cars, but also building beautiful lives with them. Ben’s photo puts this into perspective for us. Thanks Ben, and happy holidays to this amazing Factory Five community. May the holidays be good to you, your family and your builds.

I know some of you may have the itch to build, so we have a holiday kit sale for $1,000 off of your next project running until December 31st! We want to give back to this incredible community with this offer, and allow more amazing customers to join this Factory Five community. We can’t wait to build more great cars together.

Written by: Nicole Smith