Factory Five Customer Cars on the Forum

Check Out Some Great Customer Builds On The Factory Five Forum

Customer Scott Herold and customers Brandon and Tracy Marshall are just the two most recent customers to post their photos of their Factory Five projects on the new Factory Five Forum. If you haven’t been to the forum, you can check their photos out as well as picture of the month and talk to other customers building cars.

Dave Smith

Scott Herold’s Mk3 Roadster shows excellent detail. Scott was a graduate of the Build School and used a good number of Factory Five Forum sponsor companies for related parts. Check out the forum for full details on Scott’s car.

This is the back of the rear bulkhead where Scott’s 3 yr old put her hand and foot prints on it, and they got a footprint from their 1 yr old, and then both Scott and his wife put their hand prints on to serve as a memory of when the car was built.

Brandon and Tracy Marshall’s beautiful orange Challenge Series Racer which was completed with help of forum members Andy Salvaggio, Mark Dougherty, Glenn Evans, Frank Maslowski, and Anthony Connell to name a few!!

Check out the first month’s winners and visit The Factory Five Forum to check out all of the photo submissions.

Alan Smith’s photo taken in Louisville, KY – Type 65 Coupe Picture of the Month July 2011

Joe’s photo taken in Greenfield, TN – Roadster AND Overall Picture of the Month Winner July 2011

Henry Renaud’s photo taken in Lake George, NY – ’33 Hot Rod Picture of the Month Winner July 2011

High Tech Motorsports’ photo taken in San Diego, CA – GTM Picture of the Month Winner July 2011

Bob Schoeni’s photo taken in Sebring, FL – Challenge Series Racer Picture of the Month July 2011