Step Back in Time to 1995: Day 1 of 20 Special!

20 years ago in 1995, I placed this advertisement which would launch a new company called Factory Five Racing and a new idea, namely that of using Mustang donor running gear to build a modern C-car replica.  In order to kick off our 20 days of celebrations for 20 years in business, we are offering five (5) base Mk4 Roadster kits at the original 1995 price of $9,900!  This is a strictly first come, first served offer, and is limited to five total kits.

Orders must be placed by phone with a Factory Five Technical Support Team Member.  Call us at 508-291-3443.

Dave Smith

This advertisement debuted in Kit Car Magazine, August 1995.

The first manufacturing facility at 18 Kendrick Road, 1996.

In the early days, Jesper Ingerslev (left), Jim Schenck (rear), and Dave Smith (right), 1997.

Terms & Conditions:
Offer limited to five kits.
Price is for new orders only. First come, first served.
No deletions or substitutions.
Cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts.
Must accept the next available completion date.
Applies only to Mk4 Roadster Base Kits.  Click here for the order form.