20 Days for 20 Years! Factory Five 20th Anniversary Celebration

This is our 20th anniversary, and we will be celebrating this milestone in a big way at our 2015 Summer Open House to be held here at Factory Five on June 13th.  As part of a build up to the big Open House, the crew has come up with twenty fun daily specials and surprises.  Twenty days of fun to celebrate twenty years of accomplishment.

We will release one per day.  The ideas are all over the map, some big, some small, and all fun!  So follow our website here every working day (Monday-Friday) starting tomorrow, May 19th, until Open House on June 13th.

Even though today is not the first of the twenty days, the team asked that I extend the VERY popular 50/50 sale through Open House.  We had limited the sale to 20 kits, and there are customers we didn’t want to turn away.  The next twenty days will be fun, and the unveils that we are planning for our Open House will be a blast.

Dave Smith