The Boys are Back in Town!

After a month on the road, the Factory Five big rig and many of our latest and greatest cars are back home. We unloaded yesterday, and kicked-off the day today with a tour from a local school. The Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck is a big hit, and we’re close to production on that exciting new car. If you’re in the area, come on by for a visit. Even though its February, we have to hope for an early spring!

Chris Ronni unloads the 289 USRRC Roadster beneath the Logano Coupe-R.

It’s almost like the car is making the snow melt!

The Coupe-R is unloaded by Chris R. and driven by Dan G.

The ’35 Hot Rod Truck was a big hit at Barrett-Jackson and also at the Grand National Roadster Show.

Above & Below: ’33 Hot Rod steel body by SMG Motoring looks as good underneath as it does outside.

Factory Five Techs Dave and Dan tuck the Hot Rod Truck back in the showroom.

’33 Hot Rod and ’35 Hot Rod Truck.

Here’s a nice shot of Freddy’s ’33 Hot Rod. He added bronze paint to the Factory Five Bonneville wheels.

Chris R. took the rest of the day to power wash the big rig after a month of road salt.