Factory Five ‘33 Hot Rod Featured at Hot Rod Homecoming

Last weekend, Hot Rod Magazine held their 65th Anniversary Show called The Hot Rod Homecoming, a gathering of all of the Hot Rod Magazine feature and cover cars they could roundup. The event was held March 23rd-24th at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA.

One of the cars on display was the #13 Factory Five-Hot Rod Magazine ’33!

Hot Rod Magazine Editor-in-Chief David Freiburger’s had written about a Race Rod concept  representing what he envisioned to be the future of hot rodding.  He dreamed of a “glass body on a full-tube chassis with a gen 3 aluminum V-8 at 2,400 lbs.”

Later, when Factory Five introduced the ’33 Hot Rod kit in the summer of 2008, the crew at Hot Rod Magazine saw the opportunity to realize Freiburger’s vision and enlisted the help of the Factory Five community.

Once plans were finalized, the car was built in one week by Factory Five customers in southern California.  It was later featured in a 3-part write-up starting in November 2009 (where it was also the cover car!) and concluding with the January 2010 issue.

It’s great to see this ’33 project car still turning heads!

Click here to read more about the car and how it performed.

The original concept drawing of the Hot Rod Magazine Race Rod, illustrated by Thom Talyor.