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Customer Ben D. Santa’s Workshop Photo

The day after Christmas, customer Ben D. Santa's workshop photo resonates with all of us. “An early morning shot as I entered the garage the day after putting the body on for the first time. Either the sun telling me to skip work that day, or some sort of metaphor…Read More

Customer Rob J.’s Mk4 Roadster Build

Rob J. recently graduated his Factory Five Mk4 Roadster build to the Factory Five Forum. We couldn’t resist sharing his build story and photos. Like many who build these cars, he had planned to do a build for years. Originally, he wanted to do a Type 65 Coupe, but when…Read More

Factory Five Founders Edition XTF Trucks

The new XTF truck has had me thinking quite a bit about the early days of Factory Five.  It really feels the same.. the excitement, the new adventure, the feeling of knowing a secret that the world is just starting to discover!  But it’s even stronger today with the new…Read More

Ted D.’s Mk4: A Family Affair 

Customer Ted D.’s Factory Five Mk4 Roadster is truly a family car. Ted shared his family’s build story saying, “I’m thrilled to share a personal update on my family’s Mk4 Roadster build. I achieved a heartfelt goal - driving my kids, Robert, Genevieve and Beatrix to and from school in…Read More

Join Us at Hot Rod Power Tour West 2023

This year, there is a shorter, 3-day Hot Rod Power Tour West, and I am flying out to Los Angeles this December with Factory Five's Nate Johnson to participate in the cruise and be on hand for a very special Factory Five unveiling of a Type 65 Coupe that was…Read More

Thank You to All of Our Veterans

A Message from the Crew at Factory Five "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is one of the most famous phrases contained in the United States Declaration of Independence. It was signed in 1776 by our country's forefathers, and these rights have not been dishonored in over 200 years…Read More

Customer Brett C.’s Mk4 Roadster

Brett C.'s Factory Five Mk4 is a work of art, captured beautifully by his son Braden. This stunning Roadster boasts a Ford Strokers short block 347, GAS-N headers, Tremec TKO 5-speed transmission, and Wilwood brakes. Ken Pike (Street Rod Painter) handled the striking paintwork. Inside, it's all about comfort and…Read More

Up in the Clouds: Luke Rihl’s Mk4 in Malibu

We posted Luke R.’s graduation video earlier this year. Here’s his recent update.  “Up in the Clouds- The first 3k miles in the Cobra have been a dream- more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’m allowed to just drive it whenever I…Read More

SEMA 2023: Its a Wrap!

The 2023 SEMA Show closes today, and was a great success for the crew and customers of Factory Five Racing! Obviously, the focus was on our new XTF Pre-Runner Truck kit. It was fun showing three different build versions, and we anticipate a good number of orders and builds to…Read More

Customer Mark B. Got Married in a Mk4!

Customer Mark B. turned his Factory Five MK4 Roadster into the ultimate wedding getaway car, blending his build it yourself passion with a rekindled love story. Despite being a Financial Services Executive with no former automotive experience, Mark set out to build his dream car. He ordered a complete kit…Read More

Scorpion EV’s Mk4 Wins Huge at SEMA 2023!

Huge congratulation to Bill Cardoso and his team at Scorpion EV for winning a Global Media Award AND for being nominated for a Best Engineered Product Award at SEMA 2023! Bill and his team have pioneered a drop-in EV engine and battery package for Mk4 Roadsters. His innovative work has…Read More

SEMA 2023 Day 2 Recap!

Day 2 at the 2023 SEMA Show saw a huge return of crowds to the world's biggest car show. Our booth was busy all day long, and customers got a chance to check out our newest kit - the XTF Pre-Runner Truck. We met with Joey Logano to talk about…Read More

SEMA 2023 Day 1 Report!

The 2023 SEMA Show is off to a great start! This year, we brought customer Chris Hein's amazing 8.5 second 1/4 mile '33 Hot Rod, three new Factory Five XTF Trucks, and a beautiful Mk4 Roadster built by the crew at the Austin Hatcher Charity. Reports from the floor say…Read More