Customer Charles K.’s Mk4 Roadster

Factory Five Customer Charles K. who recently graduated his Mk4 Roadster says, “I am dedicating my build to my friend, Larry Mesic, who supported my dream and lived to celebrate the day my kit was delivered on May 1st, 2022, before passing shortly thereafter due to pancreatic cancer.”

Charles’s connection with Factory Five Racing traces back to 1996; however, he decided to put the order in for his dream car in 2022. By a stroke of luck, his completion date was bumped up, which set his dream car project in motion earlier than anticipated. In May, Charles received his Mk4 Roadster kit from Factory Five Racing and by November 2023, his build hit the road! Painted in a stunning TCP Sapphire Blue Metallic color, his Mk4 Roadster earns compliments at every turn.

Dedicated and meticulous, Charles followed the Factory Five forums and social media religiously, drawing inspiration from a Factory Five YouTube video in which Tech, Dan Golub, recommended going with a 306 Blueprint engine.

The kit’s delivery by Eric from Stewart Transport, was bittersweet. His friend, Larry Mesic, who always supported his dream, lived to see the day the car was delivered, even though he was very sick. As Charles mentioned, he dedicated his build to his good friend Larry.

In the Factory Five community, where support and friendship are rooted in building cars, Charles’s story is a testament to the principle that these cars don’t build themselves. We rely on our friends and community when building gets tough or the dreams seem too lofty. Such incredible stories are not uncommon in this amazing Factory Five community, and Larry’s enthusiasm will live on in the roar of Charles’s Mk4 engine.

A Ford tech by trade, Charles, who seemed to be “born with a wrench in hand,” poured his expertise into the project, handling most aspects himself. From painting to fabrication, he finessed every detail. Finally, he hit the go-kart phase, taking neighborhood kids on rides down the street in it!

With just over 200 miles on it so far, Charles mentions, “the car is responsive and great handling.” His car features a BluePrint engine, independent suspension, dual roll bars, drop trunk with lighting, polished stainless steel side pipes, power steering, and custom interior touches.

Amidst his innovative additions, like foot-box cooling ducts and accent lighting, Charles never forgot comfort—installing heated seats and heat for him and his wife, Faith. As Charles drives his dream car, this heartfelt tribute to friendship and the pursuit of a dream continues to unfold with every passing mile.