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Tools of the Modern Craftsman

Before Factory Five was born, my brother and I wanted to build a Cobra replica kit. We couldn’t find anything out there that had the quality we wanted at a reasonable price. Everyone we spoke to seemed to justify their prices by saying “Well, you get what you pay for.” That old adage is generally true, except when technology gets involved. Just look at items like televisions, computers, and home appliances. Technology has consistently delivered more value AND at a lower price. The same general principles ought to apply to component cars. The application of new technologies in an old-world industry is what sets our company apart from the crowd.

Computer Technology in Everything We Do

We don’t just use computers to do some of our work. Computers and applied CNC technology are the foundations on which the Factory Five revolution was built.

We design our chassis parts, production tooling, and body shapes with the latest CAD/CAM technology. We use Solid Works® computer design software and HP technology to design all of our cars. We start and end on the computer screen. Computer based technologies drive everything we do from design, pre-production quality assurance to pilot production, development of the product bill of materials, all the way to CNC laser cutting and robot trimming and welding. We even design our tooling and jigs this way, which makes our parts more accurate and easier to manufacture.

CNC based design and manufacturing means no secondary operations in manufacturing. Our welders can focus on quality welding and not waste time with de-burring parts, grinding, fitting, and re-working. We enjoy thinking of welding as “high temperature assembly work” rather than fabrication. This is only possible with the accuracy of computer technology.

By using technologies of CAD/CAM, CNC manufacturing, and automated robots, we have been able to reduce the costs of manufacturing while improving the accuracy, strength and finish of the product. “You get what you pay for” is yesterday’s thinking. Welcome to the 21st century where technology and innovation are the keys to getting more quality and more performance for less money.