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Tools of the Modern Craftsman

Technology has consistently delivered more value and a lower price. The same general principles ought to apply to component cars. The application of new technologies in an old-world industry is what sets our company apart from the crowd.

Jesper Ingerslev, Director of Engineering

Computers and CNC technology are the foundations on which the Factory Five revolution was built. We design our chassis parts, production tooling, and body shapes with the latest CAD/CAM technology. We use SolidWorks® computer design software and HP hardware to design all of our cars. Computer-based technologies drive everything we do, including design, pre-production quality assurance, pilot production, product bill of materials and packlists, manufacturing cut lists, CNC laser cutting, robot trimming, and welding.

Factory Five Mk4 chassis begins life in CAD.

By using technologies of CAD/CAM and CNC-based manufacturing, we have been able to reduce the costs of manufacturing while improving the accuracy, strength and finish of the product. “You get what you pay for” is yesterday’s thinking. Welcome to the 21st century where technology and innovation are the keys to getting more quality and more performance for less money.