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Watch MuscleCar TV Episode Now Online

Posted on April 3rd, 2012

Click here to watch the full episode on Powerblock’s website.

One of the most exciting episodes we’ve ever done is now available to watch online. The crew at MuscleCar TV did some wrenching on our Mk4 demo car and then ran that car against an original 427. The guys at MuscleCar installed Ford’s new 5.0L Coyote engine, upgraded Wilwood brakes, Moser’s wavetrack rear end, and KONI’s latest double-adjustable shocks. As soon as we were done with the upgrades, we traveled to Charlotte Motor Speedway to pit the upgraded Mk4 against the original car in a variety of driving categories.

The car’s were tested in autocross, acceleration, braking, 1/4 mile, and regular street driving. We also did a fun cruise-in with Factory Five owner’s in the Mid-Atlantic region and had a blast.



  • Amazing is about the best word to define “Factory Five”. I have seen several Kit Cars that were not FFR for sale, incomplete and nothing that fit properly. My son-in-law bought one and resold it because it was just a mess. I watched the 427 Cobra and Factory Five heads up. My brother and I passed about seven Cobras’ in the Western part of North Carolina, the “Original” on the tag made it easy to remember when we saw it on the program. I can still see the smile on the owner/driver and hear the sound of the side-oiler. As I said FFR is amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you and your company has done to promote Kit Cars to a higher level.

  • WOW!The F5 roadster continues to evolve. The original can still hold it’s own. It was cool to see an original doing some of what it was built for, driving excitement!

  • explain why 427 had an ET in the 14′s. you destroyed a legend and a myth. explain. carroll is probably ripped!!!!!!

  • 427 14′s ET WHY????

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  • The track surface was VERY slick at 9am and had not been prepped. I think with better launches the cars would have run (based on trap speeds) Original car 13.0 – 13.5 and FFR car 11.3 – 11.6 Truth is that the 5.0L Ford Coyote with the Boss intake was spinning the tires all the way down the strip. Still a fun show and the old girl was fun to spank. Dave Smith

  • thanks for clearing that ET up dave. i figured as much. i would not have shown an et for the 427 until i got a good one.



  • my buddy has a near mint S****Y D*****A. do YOU think it is worth anything, he MAY spend proceeds on a kit. 78k miles

  • where is my dvd. been 7 months HAPPY 4TH!